Thursday, May 9, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Five Twelve Challenge

I have always been a studier, inquisitive by nature, just one of those kids who had a lot of questions. I love to mentally chew on things, figure out how they work, diagnose, pull them apart and put them back together, mull them over and bounce them off other people - in short, I'm a normal female, ha! And all my life, when things didn't add up in my mind, the wheels within would slowly begin to turn, thoughts processed and analyzed and pared down until finally, hours even days later, out would come the product of understanding, in a neat little package I could sit on a nice little shelf, now free to move on.

I remember in the days just a few short years ago, after I returned my faith and trust to God, how all of that curious energy became tightly wound around His Word. So many mentors and friends thought that my obsession with and passion for God's word would diminish, and I think at the beginning of my journey I too believed that I would be able to produce neat little packages and lessons as I read through, and move on. But God doesn't deal in neat little packages, He gives us rabbit holes...we go down like Alice in Wonderland, wide-eyed and curious, then He turns our world upside down, and things are never the same. To my extreme delight I find that there is no need for God-given hunger and zeal for the Word to ever come to its end.

As I have spent more time in the Bible I have discovered that it was never God's intention that we be spoon-fed the scriptures in neat little packages. Believe me, I have spent my share of time with my nose in commentaries and topical books, in blogs and yes, even in google, searching for answers. And there is great value to the writings of those who have studied. But God doesn't really want us to get the cliff notes version of His Word. He doesn't want us to live vicariously through the walks He takes with others. He wants to be our primary teacher, our reference, our Guide down the rabbit hole, while the rest of those things just serve as supplements and encouragements. It's not supposed to be neat and tidy- It's supposed to be a lifelong discovery process, deeper and deeper into the mind of God Himself. Are you on that journey, Beloved?

You can always move further down the rabbit hole...there is eternally another level to reach. Never be satisfied with your current place of understanding, always seek to know it more intimately, to know Him more thoroughly!

God has perfectly equipped you to understand His Word and His will, you do not have to wait for someone else to explain it to you. He wants to be on this journey with you alone, there are places He can show you only if you put down the distractions and pick up His love letter. He is simply waiting for you to come. My prayer for you today, my friends, is that you choose to go down the rabbit hole. Don't be satisfied with simply digesting what others tell you the Bible is about. Get in there, get dirty, and find out who God is for yourself...and you will never look back.

Seek the LORD while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near.
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

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