Friday, April 22, 2016

the little things

It wasn't a visible difference. But the cost variation was substantial.
As I prepared for our annual Passover  meal, I found myself stuck here for quite a while as shoppers milled and reached and rushed around me.

Looking at these boxes, you can't really tell much of a difference in these products. They look the same. But the ingredients are different, rendering one acceptable and leaven free, and one not. There was a choice to make: shortcut, or no shortcut.

Every time I celebrate Passover, this happens. God reveals some hidden caveat about sin and our affinity for it. I found myself reasoning- "No one will know, what's the big deal, they look the same! Why not cut a corner, save 5 bucks!?" But that's when God gently reminded me that this is exactly how we tend to justify sin. "It's inconvenient, it's minor, no one will know." We want cheap grace. We want to cut corners in the name of freedom. I do this all. The. Time.

The sweet prompting of the Holy Spirit came to me in the HEB today, not with condemnation, but with love and a desire for me to walk in true freedom. I could almost hear what Jesus would have said: "Sometimes outwardly your choice might not look like a big deal one way or the other...the options may only look the tiniest bit different at face value. And you might find yourself leaning toward compromising to minimize personal cost. But don't you forget, I know about cost. And I too had a choice once, to go around or go through The Father's will. And I love you enough to do it right, all the way. With real love and devotion, there just are no shortcuts."

Sometimes, no, oftentimes, the right decision, the holy choice, just costs more. More time, more effort, more money, more sacrifice, more attention to detail. Our job isn't to make excuses or arguments. It's simply to obey. Because that's what He did for us.
Needless to say, I bought the $8 matza. Not because it makes me holy, it's only a symbol, a gesture: Lord, I choose to honor you at any cost. No more excuses.

A very blessed Passover to ya all, from the Tadlocks! 🍷🍞‪#‎inremembance‬

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